Principal Consultant
As a Principal Consultant at Data Sagacity, Ben brings over 20 years of experience as a Senior Developer. Ben is dedicated to delivering customised, data-driven solutions to clients in various industries, leveraging his expertise in SQL, C#/.NET Framework, APIs and data warehousing. In addition, Ben specialises in advanced dataflow Power BI development and data analytics, Azure Function and AWS Lambda development. ​

With a focus on excellence and a passion for thinking outside the box, Ben has a proven track record of success in delivering innovative solutions to complex problems. As a leader in client projects, he showcases the value of data in addressing business challenges and excels in his ability to solve problems and provide the best solutions. ​

No matter what complexity or nuances his clients have, Ben has a knack of finding the optimal path of getting data from one place to another, with his attention to detail and fanatics on best practices. Ben’s unique combination of technical skills and problem-solving ability make him a valuable asset to Data Sagacity and your organisation.​