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sagacity noun

sa·gac·i·ty | sə-ˈga-sə-tē  , si-

the quality of being knowledgeable clear thinking insightful

Backed by our team of dedicated data specialists, Data Sagacity empowers clients to uncover the true power and potential of their data, in the contemporary market.

Our process includes engaging all stakeholders to identify and understand their pain points, and provide unique solutions that meet their business goals through the execution of time-tested methodologies and structures.

Do Less. Know More.

Data Sagacity is a full-service information management solution provider that offers tailored and flexible development solutions to integrate, manage and transform complex or unconnected data sets.

Taking your data ecosystem beyond the traditional dashboards, we transform your data into rich insights so you can identify and unlock new opportunities and make informed decisions with confidence.

With our solutions, we transform untrained, regular team members into tech-savvy data superheroes. Our dedicated team work with you to help you uncover the power of data and connect the dots between your data sets.

Our unique approach to each data-related problem enables us to effectively integrate multiple data sources into a singular system and centralise data management across multiple platforms, users and applications.

Our experience enables us to unite your data ecosystems with tried and tested methods to achieve results faster than ever.

Whether you’re just beginning, or have an existing system to improve upon,
Data Sagacity can help!

Change the way you look at data

Data Analytics

Inspect, cleanse, transform, and model your data sets in a way that makes it easy to uncover the patterns and vital information that support important decision-making.

Data Visualisation Experts

With visualisation, get a graphical representation of information and data so everyone on your team can easily access, read and understand the trends, outliers, and patterns in data.

Data Engineering

Collect, validate and analyse quality data using data infrastructure, data mining and data modelling so they can be used by trained data scientists to retrieve valuable insights.

Data Desensitising

You can provide maximum security for your data and protect sensitive information such as personally identifiable information and sensitive and confidential business information.

Database Security

Database security ensures the protection of your data against security risks that compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data across the organisation.

Data Integration

Bring together your data from different sources into one unified platform that ultimately enables your teams and analytics tools to produce actionable business insights.

Data Migration

Simplify the process of data selection, preparation and extraction, transforming the way data is transferred across storage systems and streamlining processes like cloud migration.

ETL Development & Optimisation

Get data storage systems designed for your company and Extract, Transform and Load your business data into the warehousing environment and test it for performance.

Database Optimisation

Database optimisation enables you to get the most value from your data at the right time to make the right business decisions by reducing the response time of your databases.

Query Performance Tuning

Our query performance support can help organisations simplify the process of finding specific data by filtering explicit criteria and automating your data management tasks.

Data Architecture

Organisations can determine the best way to work with their data and build a foundation for everyone -teams and systems - to manage and utilise data in the most efficient manner.

Data Ecosystem Designers

Get specialised data ecosystem designers to build and determine the required infrastructure, analytics, and applications for capturing and analysing your data.

Database Design

Get your data organised and make data management easier with a database model. Easily determining what data must be stored and how the data sets and elements interrelate.

Project Management

Data Sagacity also provides project management support that helps you simplify, streamline and improve all the processes related to the management of your data.

Technical Administration

Maximise the benefits of your data analytics tools by distributing accurate and timely diagnostics with technical administration support. Source code, Agile project methodologies and the technologies used to empower them.

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