Data Performance

Improving data performance begins with an accurate map of your current data environment, ensuring the right governance and controls are in place, and assigning roles and responsibilities to keep things humming.

Project Management

For many businesses keeping track of your data and its various sources is a constant struggle. Important operational and intelligence information is being captured on your website, in your CMS, on the computers your sales team, in random excel spreadsheets, in your accounting software – the list can be long. And here’s the thing – this data not only needs to be kept secure, it needs to be shared throughout the organisation from a single source of truth.

Data Project Management is a service where we work with your team to discover, scope, plan and deploy a seamlessly connected data ecosystem. This process is not just about identifying what and where your data sources live, it’s also a vital step in understanding what you want and need from your data, where the touchpoints needs to be, what the dependencies are,  and how to deliver that information quickly and efficiently.

Do away with data siloes - otherwise you're flying blind!

The role of the Data Project Manager is to work with all stakeholders to keep them informed and to ensure we are delivering a best in breed data environment to your business. We’ll guide your team through the following steps to get you there: data requirements analysis, database planning, database design, database implementation, database testing, database deployment.

And to keep things running smoothly, we offer a regular health check to maintain speed and ensure that your data environment isn’t fraying at the edges.

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Technical Administration

A technical administrator is a responsible for managing the day-to-day operation of a company’s data ecosystem, ensuring they are running effectively. To ensure optimum performance of your data system, a technical administrator must conduct consistent analysis of the software and hardware environment.

Database administrators generally work as part of a team of data experts, each with a highly developed skill set in their chosen discipline.

Monitoring. Maintaining. Managing.
The three M's of Technical Administration for data.

In the initial stages your technical administrator will take the final developed solution and roll it out to a real-world environment to debug, test and deploy.

Like your car however, your data ecosystem needs to be regularly serviced to keep it running smoothly. This includes a long checklist:

We'd love to discuss the role of technical administration, and why it's vital to help you 'keep the lights on'.